Friday, August 13, 2010

To Manyara!

Manyara Ranch Conservancy presents an innovative way for humans and wildlife to together in harmony

"AWF is proud to announce the opening of Manyara Ranch Conservancy, a private conservancy and intimate tented safari camp located on AWF-managed Manyara Ranch in northern Tanzania. A critical conservation landscape that links to Lake Manyara National Park and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Manyara Ranch is a paradigm of mixed-use planning pioneered by AWF. The new camp will help sustain conservation work in and around the ranch and be instrumental in further transforming this conservation landscape into a wildlife destination that will complement neighboring parks and showcase the true wonders of Tanzania's wild areas.

"Manyara Ranch is an innovative attempt at upholding what is right about conservation. The work of the African Wildlife Foundation is optimistic and necessary. Creating areas in which wildlife can continue to co-exist with humans, for the benefit of local communities are central principles of the Conservancy. We generate revenue from visitors that helps pays for patrols, area management and improvements to the habitat. More importantly, the Conservancy generates direct income for local communities and it offers work, salaries, skills training and education. Without these key ingredients, Manyara Ranch might end up as just a cattle ranch and little more. Manyara Ranch is much more than this -- it is a successful cattle ranch and an important wildlife corridor. Just 10 years ago, this dream was close to being lost."

-- African Wildlife Foundation (AWF)

[Editor's Note: For the month of August, the 13.7 Billion Years "We'll Drink to That" Series presents a fine reason to raise a glass and make a toast. Afya!]

image: Manyara Ranch Conservatory

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