Saturday, April 12, 2008

RFK, Jr. Releases Manifesto on Global Warming

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s manifesto on global warming, "The Next President's First Task," has been published by Vanity Fair. Kennedy, a senior lawyer for the National Resources Defense Council, believes that the United States is in a similar position to Great Britain when it debated the end of the slave trade two centuries ago. At a time when commerce from slavery amounted to 25% of England's GDP, many believed that abolition would bring about financial ruin. Mr. Kennedy argues that, contrary to those fears, the moral choice actually stimulated the innovation that led to the Industrial Revolution.

"Carbon dependence has eroded our economic power, destroyed our moral authority, diminished our international influence and prestige, endangered our national security, and damaged our health and landscapes," writes Mr. Kennedy. "It is subverting everything we value."

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photo courtesy Erik R. Bishoff, Creative Commons